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Great Designs in Wood (15)

Here's a guest house design in the Florida Keys that combines so many great elements of wood design and use that they're hard to describe in a short blog post. The description of the house at Fancy Cribs gives you for a feel of the design objectives:
"TOTeMS Aechitecture designed the amazing Casey Key Guest House that is located in Casey Key, Florida, USA. On a barrier island, along Sarasota Bay was the chosen location, the structure of the house was influenced by the owner wish “…respect the land, and the rest will follow” and of course by the oak trees. So the house has a beautiful, organic shape dictated by nature.

The house has an open structure to the east and west and solid to the north in order to provide privacy between a neighboring property. The large windows on the open facades offer beautiful views of the oak hammock, and Intercoastal Waterway. To enfold the structure there were used glulam beams, putted in a curved shape they made the distinction between wall…

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