E-Tree phone home: Alien encounter pictured in couple's firewood

Here is irrefutable proof that wood holds the key to the universe...

E-Tree phone home: Alien encounter pictured in couple's firewood
28th February 2011
Most people know that counting the rings on a tree trunk tell you how old it is, but one retired couple got a bit more than they bargained for while chopping firewood.
Pete Burford, 72, saw a familiar face staring back at him that reminded him of ET - the famous alien from Steven Spielberg's 1982 movie. The image was ingrained in the trunk of a poplar tree that Pete was chopping at Eldersfield, Gloucestershire.
E-Tree: The couple have kept a piece of the tree that they were chopping for firewood.

Now the couple, of Moat Lane, Staunton, near Tewkesbury, are wondering if extraterrestrials are trying to tell them something.

The tree trunk has large 'eyes' just like ET...

He said: 'It's probably just one of those things, but it so looks like E.T. I couldn't believe it.'

The extraterrestrial experience is not the first for the couple - Mr Burford's wife, Sylvia, had an odd experience 40 years ago. 
She said: 'I saw something that had a saucer shape with a great big bright light underneath.
Asked if he felt aliens might exist, Mr Burford said 'I think there's something out there.'

Spooky, huh?

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