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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Great Designs in Wood (7)

Well, the video in the last posting sparked a lot of feedback with ideas for A Day Made of Wood video...I'll get started on shooting footage. In the meantime, Andy Toombs of Lumbermens Merchandising Corporation sent me a great video to give me something to shoot for.

This will be hard to top.

The thing I love about the video is that is really communicates that esoteric quality of wood that most people intuitively understand, but few can put into words. It has all the elements...wood, water, light, forest, wildlife, kinetic energy...and it ends with a wood product. Perfect!


Sanford Smith said...

Liked this one too, though I found myself appreciating the natural background noise as well. Not sure I knew what they were selling until the very end - wood cell phone cases might not catch on too fast since phone keep changing shape!

Ira Lauer said...