GoWood Burning Poll Results for the Winter of 2010-11

In our poll on the left-hand panel, of the 35 people who indicated that they burn wood for heat, 20 said they burned more this winter than last. 14 said they burned about the same amount, and one person burned less. Thank you, Marco in Miami, for weighing in!

The ironic thing was, this winter really didn't even seem like a bad one...maybe a little longer than usual. I like to hold off until Thanksgiving to stoke up the stove...this year the house was cold in the second week of October. We didn't really get any breaks this year, either...did I miss the Indian summer that usually comes in January or February? Punxsutawney Phil usually needs sunglasses and lotion when he comes out for his annual prognostication.  This year's event looked like a scene from the Iditarod, meaning that a) it was bleak and cold that day, and b) that Phil predicted a short winter. Some folks weren't buying it.

So, one year does not necessarily mean that Chevy Volt sales have turned around Global Warming. Yet. But take heart, and start stocking up extra wood for next year. With all the high-priced light bulbs that are being sold, each year should start getting a little colder.


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Jonathan said…
Talk about irony...
Years ago I recall reading that Russian scientists believe that the recent warming trend in the earth's global climate could be attributed to the Sun's cyclical activity (sunspots and more). and that they predicted a series of colder winters beginning in 2011.
My recollection of this winter was a beautiful fall (for me that is more about precipitation than temperature) but once it turned cold in late November, it stayed cold and we did not get our usual January thaw. It was one of the BETTER winters we have had for logging in quite some time. But then in mid to late February it fell apart and it has been rainy and cool since. It has been one of the longest spring break ups in memory. No end in sight.

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