Great Designs in Wood (15)

Here's a guest house design in the Florida Keys that combines so many great elements of wood design and use that they're hard to describe in a short blog post. The description of the house at Fancy Cribs gives you for a feel of the design objectives:
"TOTeMS Aechitecture designed the amazing Casey Key Guest House that is located in Casey Key, Florida, USA. On a barrier island, along Sarasota Bay was the chosen location, the structure of the house was influenced by the owner wish “…respect the land, and the rest will follow” and of course by the oak trees. So the house has a beautiful, organic shape dictated by nature.

The house has an open structure to the east and west and solid to the north in order to provide privacy between a neighboring property. The large windows on the open facades offer beautiful views of the oak hammock, and Intercoastal Waterway. To enfold the structure there were used glulam beams, putted in a curved shape they made the distinction between wall and roof hard to seen. To clad the walls it was used Ship lap cypress siding.

Supported on a specialized steel piling foundation system, Casey Key Guest House needed also elevated floor levels. This design was necessary because this is a FEMA flood zone and it was a good solution in order to minimize the degree of influence on the oaks. With all these precautions all the trees are preserved."

 I love the way the glulam beams are used both as the skeleton of the structure and as a focal point in the interior design. This bedroom nook is a wood engineer's dream can lay in bed and count "lams" in bed each night as you doze off.

For the nautically-minded, I think it also gives one a sense of nestling up for the night in an old wooden-bowed ship, although without the rocking and the creaking.

I especially like the way this feel was utilized in the living area, with book shelves build right into the beams. Could there be a stronger statement of "solid wood" than room components built right into the structure of the building?

As with so many of these modern wooden structures, the design flexibility offered by engineered wood components enables the designers to work with light, both to give the inhabitant the feeling of being outdoors, as well as being able to bring out the inherent beauty of the wood itself.

I could see myself relaxing out on this deck each night, contemplating the wisdom of Jimmy Buffet as each margarita goes about you?

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Len B said…
What method did the Architect use for uplift resistance. Was th roof rigid enough to act as Shear wall?
Kebin Ogie said…
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Kebin Ogie said…
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