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Monday, November 28, 2011

"The World's Most Environmentally-Friendly Raw Material"

Any idea what it might be? :-)

It's nice to see the pendulum of environmental education swinging back towards sensibility and stewardship. Twenty years ago paper and lumber companies felt compelled to defend the practice of timber harvesting, and students were being taught that "trees were living things, too". But our friends in Europe, especially Scandinavia, have always appreciated the natural value of timber and wood products, including for energy. Now, as we shared in previous green building posts such as this, their leadership in wood utilization and its role in design for sustainability are greatly needed, and much appreciated.


Mike Messina said...

Excellent story on wood's small environmental footprint!

Greg Branecky said...

Excellent video

IDEAbuilder said...

Thanks for posting this great video and also thanks to you and your team for promoting wood.

I linked to this video in a number of green building groups on linkedin and expect that to drive even more traffic.

Keep up the great work.