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Friday, December 9, 2011

Finished Ski Table

The ski table is finally complete and I am extremely happy with the results. The project remained the same throughout the building process except for the inclusion of cut pegs for the mortise and tenon joint. I spent somewhere around 4-5 hours each week working on the table also bringing me close to Jackie’s time of 60 hours. All together the project came in around $250 including the wormy maple, oak tiles, stain, polyurethane and inner hardware to make the ski top move. Using rollers for bi-fold doors and cutting a ledge inside the structure, the table top is able to split open. The full design includes a continuous Alpine themed oak border; snowflake cut pegs and a hidden shadow box for ski memorabilia. The real eye catcher though and pride of this project has been the wormy maple legs and structure. After applying the clear coat the grain really started to pop and bring out the Scandinavian feel I was going for.

Check out other details and commentary in the following video!


Nikki said...

Great job, Matt & Jackie!

Keith Atherholt said...

Hello Matt,
Super job! I left a comment on Jackie's blog as well. We featured both of your projects in our company newsletter that went out the week of Christmas to over 1000 customers. Now, don't forget about the warmth and beauty of hardwoods as you launch into your architeture career! Wood is sustainable and renewable more so than the other popular building materials! Thank you for using our products at Lewis Lumber Products!

Happy New Year,
Keith Atherholt