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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sarah Explains Woodpiles

Been spending a lot of time around the woodpile lately, and just now ran across a short video entitled "Sarah Explains Woodpiles". My curiosity was peaked as to what exactly there was to explain, so I bit.

So glad I did. In just a few words, Sarah explains the wisdom of the ages with respect to woodpiles...she gets right to the heart of both kinds of people: those who love to build them, and those who love to hate them.

Not sure if the beverage is water or vodka, but Sarah is one inspired Canuck.

What kind of a person are you, really? :-)


Anonymous said...

Really, ya know, eh?

Anonymous said...

my vote is vodka...

martin said...

Hey. I think she really gets it. Status, ya know? Like big mud tires or a trophy wife.

Brad said...

Cord of wood racks
I like to think of my woodpile as money in the bank.