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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spirit of the Season, In Wood

For football fans, Christmas and Budweiser are eternally linked by video images of Clydesdales pulling beer wagons through the snow to the sound of bells and soft music.

Well, our industry friends at FinnForest have created a wood industry version of that marketing phenomenon, of a sort. Entitled "The Spirit of Wood", the video below provides us with a spiritual look at an industry that contributes so much to our shared human experience. While you enjoy the video, listen closely to the narrator. You'll hear that the "wood is produced from certified forests", and that "the transport distances to the production units are minimal", and that "all harvesting work is done on a long-term development principle". That heat from the veneering process is captured and re-used in other processes. And that "continuous internal and external quality control" is maintained at all times.

Throughout, technology and precision is conveyed as the essence of the product being touted, which is a type of cross-laminated timber panel. And vertical integration of the industry to architects and designers is shown to be key to the success of this new generation of engineered wood product. Much of the Metropol Parasol we visited a few weeks ago was made with this product from the very same FinnForest.

I got a sense of vision and the future of wood products from the video, and found it a very encouraging message at this time of hope.

Merry Christmas...and enjoy the spirit of wood past, wood present, and wood future.

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