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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Great Designs in Wood (20) - The UK Wood Awards

"The Wood Awards is the UK’s premier architecture and furniture competition celebrating excellence in design in the world’s most sustainable material. Now in its ninth year, the Wood Awards is the most respected award for building and design in wood."

Far Moor Bridge, North Yorkshire, UK. Built of Scottish larch. Photo by Peter  Lambert.

The 2011 winning entries were impressive, I thought, by their simplicity, use of engineered wood products and local species, and the general sense of "normalcy" that is not usually associated with great designs in wood. In other words, wood designs tend to stick out precisely because they are wood. In this year's competition, though, I thought the powerful and important message conveyed is that wood designs don't have to be overwhelming to demonstrate wood's unique ability to convey natural, organic beauty with utilitarian function.

This site at has some nice photos of the winning entries, along with judges' comments of each. Interesting perspectives that are, I think, helpful to architects considering using wood in their creations.

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