The heft and feel of a well-worn handle,
The sight of shavings that curl from a blade;
The logs in the wood pile, the sentiment of huge beams in an old-fashioned house;
The smell of fresh cut timber and the pungent fragrance of burning leaves;
The crackle of kindling and the hiss of burning logs.
Abundant to all the needs of man, how poor the world would be
Without wood.

Everard Hinrichs, quoted by Eric Sloane in A Reverence for Wood


Friday, May 18, 2012

Why Some Folks are Loggers

I'm not a real big fan of the cable show Ax Men, although I love the topic and respect the work done on the show. But I think it's sort of the nature of reality shows to make folks look bad, and those guys come off looking like real doofuses at times. I've been around loggers and logging jobs for a good part of my career, and I've only worked with a very few who would make some of the unwise, dangerous decisions and throw temper tantrums like those made on the show. I'm sure even the participants of the show would admit their portrayal is a compilation of "worst case" moments. I'm just as sure you could find a lot of west coast loggers that feel the same frustration with the show.

Which is why I like the following video so much. This thing is a real-world work of art, and it helps explain why some folks are driven to such a hard way of life. There is an intangible benefit of working in the woods, and this video really puts the best possible perspective on it. Watch the whole thing, the scenery gets even better, if that is possible. And turn up the sound if you're able, even the background noise makes you feel good.

Man, if every tree was as idyllic as this one, people would be lined up to be loggers. Unfortunately, they're not all like this.

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