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Friday, July 13, 2012

Woodworking in 2012 - New Zealand Pine

Another excellent look at the modern wood industry. This one is a video from the New Zealand Pine Manufacturers Association, and it displays many of the same messages of the Holzindustrie Scheighofer video shared in the last post: sustainable harvest, processing efficiency, and response to markets. Especially interesting is the segment showing the value-added processing being done in Korea, and the pine-home construction in Japan.


I did a double-take on one line in the video: "Their [New Zealand wood products] distribution to market is frequent and quick, thanks to New Zealand's relatively central geographic location, and world-class shipping infrastructure."

Relatively central geographic location? Relative to what, Antarctica?

But that the good folks of the NZPMA could even claim this with a straight face is a testament to the fact that modern logistics is no longer a constraint on the world's economy, but an enabler of it. Something we here in the U.S. need to take better heed (and advantage) of.
"New Zealand pine manufacturing.... A quality resource. An industry built on integrity. It's products guaranteed to provide customer satisfaction."
That's a pretty solid marketing line, and a fine ending to a convincing video. More of this, and many more may find themselves Going Wood.

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