Real Firewood Stacking

If you're nice and cozy by your wood stove, and feeling good about your own energy and stamina in splitting and piling all that wood for the winter, then good for you. But don't get too impressed by your own firewood prowess until you consider these Herculean efforts.

Remember the holzhaus(en) we discussed back in September? Well, those were woodpiles that mere mortals would build. But real wood users need a real stack of wood, one to be proud of. And the young lady below certainly can be proud of her woodpiles, and whoever built them.

No need to stop at two when you're stacking big woodpiles. You never know how long it might snow, especially if you live near the Arctic Circle...

Of course, stacking wood is always better with a partner - especially if you're building a pile that endangers local air traffic.

And there just is no better way to display your national pride than building a wood stack flagpole.

Of course, you can always stay practical with your wood-stacking skill.

Or you can go whimsical. I believe these were built by Hobbits.

And as long as you're going to build an imaginative woodpile for imaginary people, don't forget about their imaginary pets...

And don't forget the feminine touch to soften up your apparent insanity.

Speaking of insanity, try building a human maze out of firewood. Or is this a wood circle?

But if you're artistically inclined, and have a lot of firewood and time on your hands, you can always try "firewood impressionism".

But I'm sure most of you Go Wooders out there would never go that nuts over firewood. No, you'd probably keep within common sense and just use firewood for its best natural use, as cove storage in your apartment.

Man, I just looked out at my woodpile. As Sarah explained so well, I'm experiencing feelings of inadequacy.

Next year I'm going to have to get serious.  My chiropractor will welcome the extra business.

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Luc De Wulf said…

You should add your own impressive wood pile!!!
Mike Smith said…
Inadequate doesn't quite cover how I feel on viewing these great wood piles...must try harder.
Thanks for compiling these. Love the sense of limitless imagination. Makes me take a second look at other ordinary tasks that we do every day and envision new ways to make them fun and artistic.
Firewood Sydney said…
These pictures show the hard work which has been done.It is a nice artistic work.keep up sharing such nice stuff.Firewood Sydney
Anonymous said…
Best. Post. Ever.
This is such an amazing post. Thank you for sharing this. I have a martial arts blog and I recently posted about martial arts training and chopping wood:
Thanks again for the inspiring post on stacking wood!
Suzan said…
Love the comments you've interspersed with the photos! Thanks for posting. It's a big firewood year for us, so this raises the bar in a big way.
Jason Knight said…
I thought that I liked splitting wood, but this is just incredible.
I almost want to build a fort out of split wood now. I just don't know how my wife will feel about it because I don't want her to think that I am going through a mid-life crisis.

Aus Hunter said…
Ive just started a fb group timberstacksandwoodpiles all welcome
Thao Hoang Thi said…
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These firewood stacking pictures are amazing.. It might have took so much to make such beautiful stacking, really appreciate the hard work of the people involved.
Sunny Gudling said…
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jhon said…

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