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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Global Reset, 2013

Do you know who this person is?
A few folks have inquired how they could view a recording of my presentation to the Western Pallet Association last month. The answer is, as of yesterday, you can visit the Association's website by clicking here, scrolling down to my picture, and clicking on either the PDF or Powerpoint version of the presentation to download to your computer. The PDF is a quicker download, but the Powerpoint file has a recorded voice-over by which you can hear me explain the slides, which is probably better if you have the time, because there are some crazy and complicated slides. It takes a few minutes to download, and the entire presentation takes an hour to run, but if you're interested in global markets and how all this debt and politics is affecting them, you may find it interesting. New Go Wood reader Dave Powell watched it and called it "another great presentation".

Thanks, Dave...the check's in the mail.

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