Great Designs in Wood (38) - 2013 US Wood Design Awards

Bruce Canedy of Kilwa Biomass made me aware of the recent announcement of the winners of the 2013 US  Wood Design Awards, and what an interesting and beautiful lot they are. I thought about featuring one of the designs in this posting, but found it difficult to decide which was my favorite. Literally all of them have at least one interesting feature that caught my fancy.

So I leave it up to you, the Go Wood reader, to pick the favorite. Visit the Wood Works site at this link, click on the photos of each of the winners, and watch the ensuing slide shows. When you've seen them all, click back to Go Wood and register your favorite in the poll on the right-hand side of this page. We'll see how the woody public's taste is running these days. And if you care to share with us why you made your selection as you did, please do so in the comments section of this post.

By the way, you may want to bookmark the Wood Works site. It's well-organized and chock full of useful tools for increasing one's level of knowledge of wood in construction. Thanks go out to our industry friends who are sponsoring the Wood Works effort...keep up the great (wood)work(s)!

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Kathleen said…
Thank you for sharing the link to the Wood Design Awards on Wood Works. The winners are all certainly deserving of the award!

I chose the Rio Roca Chapel after having already decided that I loved the Wawona Sculpture! The sculpture had such a fantastic...wild reminded me of some sort dwelling for an insect or bird colony...I personally love art that celebrates the raw, chaotic side of nature...and that sculpture just spoke to me on that level.

And then I saw the Chapel...what an amazing place that would be to matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs. The structure is beautiful. Despite it's stone walls and foundations, its massive glass walls and comparatively slender beams feel delicate and the asymmetrical roof line gives the illusion of precarious placement amidst a hardy wilderness. To sit within, and behold without...must be, truly, a heavenly experience.
jayo said…
It's either the Wawona sculpture or the LeMay museum building. I'm leaning towards the sculpture, as it compelled further research, and I do like wood art. I gave the museum equal Internet time, and the awards slide show does not do it justice; the exterior design is startling and fits the industrial landscape of the site well. I'm visiting Seattle in a few weeks and will vote for one or the other after site visits.
Anonymous said…
The Rio Roca Chapel stirred me, I think, because it is somewhat unconventional and definitely inspiring.
Anonymous said…
I liked the "tall building" aspect of the UW student housing building. A real wood high-density building, and gives students an early-life exposure to wood.
Andrew said…
Thanks for sharing the link of Wood Works Site.

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