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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Great Designs in Wood (40) - The Public School Building

The folks at NaturallyWood have posted an excellent video highlighting some great school building projects and the role of wood in the projects. The video is especially compelling due to the comments of the architects of the various projects. In it, you hear great points made about wood's durability, its small carbon footprint, its contribution to human health, its low thermal mass resulting in great insulation and comfort properties, and its ability to add warmth to a non-combustible indoor environment. One architect made this great point...
"Where do the kids really want to be? They want to be outside. So, connecting the inside to the outside is, was another factor in the school...again, bringing wood inside the school and treating it as an expressed structural system allowed us to bring...that nature into the inside of the building."
Watch for the wooden hall lockers. Neat.

Please share this post with every architect and school board member you know. Go Wood!

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Rakesh Gupta said...

everything they say about wood is TRUE. pretty pictures are really good too. but i would like to see a few technical (engineering) details. For example, Here moment was too large and this is how we took care of it. OR connection details, etc....