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Thursday, April 4, 2013

An Ecosystem Management Approach to Reversing Climate Change

This is truly the best lecture I've ever heard about global climate change, and the lecturer, Allan Savory, barely even mentions fossil fuels. Instead, he focuses on the issue of desertification of a majority of the earth's land surface...why he (and most others) thought it was happening, how he now knows and admits he was wrong, the terrible consequences of his early assumptions, and what he now has proven is the right path to returning the earth's terrestrial ecosystem to its pre-industrial state.

If you care about the earth, and want to understand better what we can do, watch the entire video. It's the fastest 22 minutes on YouTube, spoken slowly, clearly, and with compelling visual proof.

I suspect there are a few livestock ranchers out there who could say, "I told you so..."

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John Swenby said...

This is a fantastic video, thanks for sharing.