More Progress on Pellets

Last month, I shared a report with you on a study that looked at the potential for conversion of oil and coal boilers to wood. The bottom line: that potential conversion projects vary by state, and that the more populous states have far more potential for reductions in fossil fuel consumption for heating - but that rural areas will probably continue to lead the way in adoption.

The second part of that conclusion continues to hold true. For example, New Hampshire wound up far down our ranking of conversion potential, just behind its sister state of Vermont (in 25th and 26th place), primarily because of lack of population density and heating consumption. But nevertheless, they have the wood, and they're all for fossil fuel reduction, and so they are more open to wood as a replacement fuel.

Here's an excellent article from NPR New Hampshire that shows how wood pellets are changing attitudes in The Granite State. I suggest you click on the "Listen" bar below the can hear the story as it aired, and you can hear the tone of the folk's voices as they talk about the technology. Let's hope their investment expectations pan out, and that more urban and industrial folks learn from their successes.

Update: Adam Sherman of the Biomass Energy Resource Center sent along another couple of great links on recent wood-doings in New England...

New England Cranks Up its Wood Burning Stoves

Vermont and Upper Austria Create Partnership to Promote Biomass Heating

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Jeff Wartluft said…
Chuck - we have some progress with pellets right here in PA. A building in Honesdale installed two 191,000 Btu/hr boilers for heat a year ago. The pioneering part of it is that the boilers and bins are on the second floor and pellets (approximately 24 tons this season) are delivered in bulk. They are lifted pneumatically to the second floor via a grain truck. The owner is very pleased with the system.

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