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Friday, May 30, 2014

Yard Work on Steroids

You may have a weekend of yardwork planned ahead, as I do. The Wife and I are not especially fanatics of yard work, but when forced (like this weekend, when we'll be prepping for a yard-based graduation party), we can get out and enjoy the sun and fresh air that goes along with a little hard work.

And then there's this couple.

Now that's true love :-)


Fireball Doowah said...

Two comments: 1.) Ever hear of a chainsaw, 2.) questionable safety practice with two folks simultaneously chopping w/ axes...

Chuck Ray said...

Oh man, fireball, you're an unromantic fellow. You've never felled a tree by axe with the love of your life? Much better sweet talk than shouting over a chain saw :-)

James said...

How about moving the garden?? ;)