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The Loggers of Hollywood

Went home for lunch yesterday, and walked in on my two littlest (ages 9 and 5) and another 9-year-old watching Rio 2, a colorful movie about a bunch of birds fighting for the jungle...against, you guessed it, a bunch of bad guys logging illegally with huge chainsaws and graders. Here's the plot, as its given in Wikipedia...

"Blu and Jewel enjoy life in Rio with their 3 kids, the oldest and music-loving Carla, book smart Bia, and the youngest and mischievous Tiago. Meanwhile, Blu's former owner, Linda Gunderson and her ornithologist husband, Tulio are on an expedition in the Amazon and eventually discover a quick-flying spix's macaw that loses one of its feathers. When word gets out about this through television, Jewel believes that they should go to the Amazon to help find the blue macaws.Meanwhile, the leader of a group that is in a line of illegal logging named Big Boss, discovers Linda and Tulio's expedition to find the macaws and orders his henchmen to hunt the…

"It Never Happened Before" - The Crazy World of Real Estate Markets

On the way into work this morning I caught an update to the "ghost city" situation in China. Hint: It's not getting better.

Consider some of the stats. Last month, prices fell in 79 of 100 cities surveyed by a regional real estate company. Land sales have dropped 30 percent. In Wuxi, subject of this morning's NPR story, has experienced a drop in prices of 15 to 20% this year.
"There's nothing you can do," says Huang Jiqiang, an agent with Central Plains Real Estate here. He says supply and demand are completely out of whack."Now all the new housing complexes are dropping their prices and doing promotions because there are just too many homes. There aren't that many buyers and the pool of buyers is getting smaller and smaller. Homes are still under construction out there."  -  One comment in the story especially caught my attention. A finance professor in Shanghai states matter-of-factly
"Since the beginning of this year ther…

The Fruit of the Earth: Reality and Religion

Here's a follow-up to the post on "How to Build a Wildlife Habitat Snag".

After a short segment on fighting birds away from their cherry tree (with that great view of Mt. Ranier in the background), Wranglerstar gives us an update on the wildlife that has moved into his snag. It's a great lesson on the forest food chain...from plant, to bug, to bird, to carnivore.

And then, he takes us on a trip into his back forty, where he had been working a small fireline around a brush pile that had escaped its intended spot. As he does so, he gets into a discourse on the realities of hands-on forestry that you might find interesting. In more ways than one.

Wrangler demonstrates that he really understands well the concept of forest management, at least from an ecological standpoint. But his short discourse beginning at 9:00 against "modern logging practices", which he calls  "an abomination against this earth, and an abomination against God" is where his practi…