Logging the Swamp, Now and Then

There's a TV show on discovery these days called "Swamp Loggers". Seems the populace just can't get enough of logging-related reality shows. I guess most folks can't believe how hard a few people in the world still work for a living.

Here's a sample...

The load of "pecky" cypress being loaded is a very unique specialty wood that people either love with a passion, or hate. I'm in the first boat...perhaps you can see why.

Source: http://heartsart.us/id1.html

But what our modern swamp loggers go through, with their powerful rigs and high-flotation tires, looks like child's play compared to the feats of amazing strength, dexterity, balance, and nerve the old-time swamp loggers performed. If you liked the other old logging videos, you'll love these. No sound, just sights that you won't believe.

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Sean Barrows said…
Bobby Goodson, the owner of the crew featured in the former Discovery Channel show "Swamp Loggers" was the keynote speaker at last years Northeast Logger's Association awards banquet in Essex Junction, Vermont. He will be back again as speaker during the show in Bangor, Maine this May. Unfortunately the show was dropped basically because they couldn't generate enough drama, unlike the ones on the "History" Channel. Bobby is definitely one of us.

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