Pondering a Future without Wood...while Watching the Games

Some of my overzealous colleagues over in Engineering are predicting that future technologies such as 3D printing will eliminate the need for wood harvesting and production completely. As you can imagine, I'm a bit dubious of their claim...I've been unable to envision how that might happen.

Well, I'm still dubious...but now, at least, I can envision their concept.

I know, it looks a bit slow and expensive, but so were the first horseless carriages. Still, I wish he'd print a full-size bat and get Aroldis Chapman to fling a ball at him. That would be a thing to watch...if he could ever hit one.

Well, if they're not going to go back to wood for hockey sticks, maybe they could try this stuff. Those carbon-fiber sticks they're using these days break so often the players are learning how to fake out the goalies with "broken stick shots."

No need to break into cold sweats, yet, Wood Guys...just enjoy the games and Go Wood while you still can.

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Anonymous said…
I find it very interesting that the people who are gaga for 3D printing of everything, including houses, are often the same people who preach about global warming and the horrors of fossil fuels. Where do they think the feedstocks for 3D printing come from? I'll bet that they also think that food originates in super markets, maybe produced by Star Trek style replicators.
Jerry Finch

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