Lumbersexual Chainsawing

Sometimes an ad strikes a chord that really gets to the heart of the matter. This one says so much about the world we live in.
"For over 80 years, Dinty Moore has fed the lumberjack-sized hunger of hardworking men. Unfortunately the number of lumberjacks is dwindling. But the good news is that lots of men aspire to look like a lumberjack. Dinty Moore believes these "lumbersexuals" can do more than just look like a lumberjack."

Dinty Moore - Lumbersexual Campaign - Chainsaw from BBDO MPLS on Vimeo.

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PennwoodI3 said…
We all looked like this at Tau Phi Delta 29 years ago. It took almost thirty years for the world to catch up with us. Most of us could run chain saws though!

It did not help us much attracting the opposite sex. I wonder if that has changed?
Allie Clark said…
Haha, this is hilarious, good one.
Anonymous said…
It's actually a sad commentary on the state of utilitarian skills in society.
I still look like that, albeit a bit gray around the edges. We often joke that we should call ourselves a fitness club & charge people to come work for us.
Jimi Hendrix with a chainsaw. Play it behind your back. Never set it on fire, though.
Ed Olander said…
dang! It makes me proud to be a Boomer - who can run a chainsaw, a guitar, food mixer and a Cessna !

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