Great Designs in Wood (67) - Timber Frame Heaven in Texas Hill Country

If we get to pick our homes in heaven, this is what I'll be living in. Simple timber frame, simple interior design, wood so rich you can smell it right through your screen, surrounded with low-lying live oaks under a big sky. Hard to beat.

Check out the complete slide show here.

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Selva Lee said…
A cabin in the mountains, screened in front and back porches, trout stream front or back door, My home in heaven with my big pups.
Ivan S said…
How to get a cost for such house?
A timber frame purist recognizes that this is a house with timber trusses and some T&G paneling going on. It is not a timber frame.

But is still really nice!

Ed J
Chuck Ray said…
Hi, Ivan. Quotes for different designs of this type are available from the company at
Anonymous said…
There's something not right about the color scheme inside. And I am not wild about that grey cinder block look. And strange kitchen layout too.....
Chuck Ray said…
Ahhhh, you sound like my wife, Anon. Only I know she doesn't read the blog.

We Texans ain't fer all that fancy stuff. Give us a meal, a bed, and a quick way out, and we're happy. :-)

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