How Pallets are Made

Earlier this week we examined a wooden component and trim manufacturer, Lewis Lumber Products of Picture Rocks, PA. That post spurred Don Remmey, President of Remmey - The Pallet Company to send me the link to a video of his Beaver Springs, PA operation. I think you'll agree with me that this video has a unique value of its own to Go Wood readers.

Over the past few years, we've had several posts about the ubiquitous yet simple wooden pallet. We examined how they are, in fact, one of the greatest designs in wood ever created; their role in international trade and the regulatory efforts to ensure their safe use; and even how they have great second lives in re-purposed uses; but I've been remiss in not sharing with you just how these marvelous things are made.

Well, Don has taken care of that. Here's a nice video that shows pallet production from beginning to end. Watch as the pallet cants (which come from local sawmills) are trimmed to proper length, then ripped into boards, and sawn into the proper dimensions for the type of pallet being constructed. These boards are then laid up as either standard stringer pallets, block pallets, or custom pallets. It's all shown here in three minutes, and the folks at Remmey do it as efficiently as anywhere I've ever seen.

That's another fine Pennsylvania wood products company setting a global standard in excellence.

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Anonymous said…
Nice video from a good company. Member of Keystone Wood Products Association in Central Pa. Great group of forest products companies coming together to educate students and the public on
careers in wood products and the health of the PA Forest.
Tree Doc said…
If any woodworking operation had employees with a work ethic as the Amish do,you would also be a great success.
I'm betting the Amish might also be a major supplier of the round wood or the cants seen in the opening shots.

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