Stacking Firewood the Proper Way

The last video from Wranglerstar reminded me of one of my favorites, his video on stacking firewood the proper way. He makes use of the holzhaus design, one we've featured here before on Go Wood. But the beauty of this video is the way he trains and makes use of his captive laborers.

Mid-summer is the time to get going on firewood, if you haven't already taken care of it in late winter. It's a great way to shake off the mid-summer lazies. And like Wranglerstar shows, it's a great way to engage your young 'uns in productive exercise. My two oldest firewood laborers have grown up and are doing their own thing now, but I bet they look back on the firewood experience in a lot better light than when they were doing it.

As a matter of fact and point of pride, one of said young 'uns will be part of the U.S. Army honor guard this fall at the Seattle Seahawks' home games. Easier than stacking wood, I guess, and more people than just Dad cheering him on. Funny how things work out.

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Jeff Wartluft said…
Chuck - it is much more important to have the firewood cut and split and stacked before June 1st, than how it is stacked. I did firewood seasoning research in the 1980s, testing 10 cords of 8 hardwood species, type of stacking and covered or not, season of cut, as well as use of a solar drier. Species gave the widest results with Red Maple the driest in October and Hickory the most wet. The solar drier dried the wood in half the time, but at extra cost.

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