Great Designs in Wood (69) - The Haas-Lilienthal House of San Francisco

I don't think we've yet had a Victorian home on our GDiW series. There's a simple reason for that...we've focused on homes and products that might inspire new houses and products. Unfortunately, they just won't build homes like this anymore. And that's a shame.

But there is a reason for it. The intricate workmanship that went into these 19th century beauties just doesn't seem to be as valued today as it once was. At least, not valued enough to cover the costs associated with building and maintaining such wonderful dwellings. It's not uncommon to go through old towns in America and see one or more old beauties in serious stages of dilapidation, even while still being lived in. Seems like the modern economy just can't support these works of art in the numbers it once did.

But at least in San Francisco, the community got together and decided to save one of the best.

The video above highlights the superficial facelift given the house to highlight its original beauty. Now, there is a new campaign to complete the renovation. Price tag...$3 million. That explains why the vast majority of these old beauties are crumbling away.

Here's another video for you lovers of wood. The tour guide in the video is a wood lover herself, and does a great job detailing all the different woods and their uses in the interior of the home.

Another time, lost forever into history. Perhaps these homes are visual, yet somewhat discomforting hints that human civilization peaked around 1900, when even non-royalty could build actual castles of wood.

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David C Clark said…
Fortunately, we still have a few houses like ths in Australia - most have been renovated or restored. You are corrcet - houses are not built to this standard anymore, even fo the wealthy.

MDF, mastics, PVC piping and nail guns are not harbingers of longevity

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