Great Designs in Wood (70) - The Amazing Marble Music Machine - Wintergatan

Have you ever watched your young one, fiddling away the hours with Legos or watching endless YouTube videos on how to do something? Well, now you know what it all may lead to.

The group Wintergatan (Swedish for The Milky Way) is "a Swedish folktronica band" from Goteburg. They play, well, folktronica music. Yeah, I know, another new thing you've never heard of. You're getting used to that by now, aren't you?

But the genius of this group is that they invented a new instrument on which to play their music, and they were inspired by old wooden music boxes and marble machines. You put them together with instruments, some electronic technology, and you have something that you have to see to believe.

To get in the mood, watch a short video of them making the machine...

Now, watch the music video of the machine, and its master, in action.

The neat thing about the project, from a Go Wood point of view, is that the group realized early on that the weak link of traditional music boxes is their soft plastic gears. So that led them to creating their machine with the great wooden gears you see in the videos. Wooden of the great inventions of the world...after the wooden wheel.

So take heart, that little genius of yours may someday be a YouTube video star...with a studio in your basement.

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Anonymous said…
That's so kool!

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