Great Designs in Wood (73) - "Hollow" by Katie Paterson: A Vision in Wood Comes to Life

Here's a nice story. Artist Katie Paterson of the UK had a vision of a work in wood that would represent all the trees of the entire world as they evolved over time. What she was able to create was really stunning...not only are over 10,000 species represented, but she put the pieces all together in a way that actually makes one feel like you're inside the stem of a tree, looking at the individual cells of that make up the trunk.

And Go Wood readers had a part in the creation. Ms. Paterson spoke to the attendees of our World of Wood 2015 conference last summer, and several responded with donations to the project. Two are mentioned in the following BBC video - Gary Green and Robert Ritchie, both long-time members of the International Wood Collectors Society and participants in our conference last year.

It's nice to see the wood specimens displayed in such a way that may speak to so many people who might be bored to death if they walked into the typical wood collection room. I especially appreciate the point in the show when Ms. Paterson says, "I think I've never actually seen a piece of tree become a piece of's really nice, you know." And she says this while holding a piece of wood from a grand champion tree she obviously treasures.

That's an appreciation of wood that the whole world ought to have the opportunity to experience.

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David C Clark said…
What a totally brilliant work of art. If this display does not capture the imagination and interest of people who see the exhibition I would be very surprised.

This is wood as the world see it and not a sterile collection of standard size hand samples.

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