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The Best Forestry Video Ever?

This may be the single best forestry video I've ever seen. It conveys the sense of stewardship that most professional foresters share with so many forest landowners, and helps even non-landowners understand that forestry, well-done, is a commitment to the well-being of the land, those who live on it, and even those who just rely on it to be there, generations from now. Share it with your friends.

Timber Harvesting for Private Landowners from White Cliff Productions on Vimeo.

While this story was produced in Montana, most states have similar programs and resources. In Pennsylvania, here are some great places to get involved.

Pennsylvania Forest Landowners Conferences

Pennsylvania Woodland Owners Associations by County

Pennsylvania Forests Web Seminars

Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry News and Events

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Wood Science 101(27) - Hardwood and Softwood, Re-visited

One of the more popular posts on GoWood over the years has been "Wood Science 101(5) - Soft hardwood, hard softwood, and vice versa" which was posted back in June of 2012.  As technical stories tend to do, it required fourteen paragraphs to tell the story in the shortest possible way. Thanks to those of you who waded through it.

In the spirit of re-examining this important topic, here's a nice video that tells the same story in a way the most ADD-addled brain will appreciate. He never actually goes into how the "hardwood" and softwood" designations evolved, because, I guess, he never read our GoWood post. Nevertheless, he gets all the rest of the pertinent facts correct, and adds a few I didn't cover.

Get this straight, and you already know more about wood than ninety-eight percent of the people in the world. So, Go Wood, you!

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Twelve Trees You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Here's a fun way to start out the new year on Go Wood. The title is self-explanatory, the video is snappy, and the trees are real.

Now I have to go dig through our Penn State wood collection to see how many of these we have. It is really amazing the stories behind all of the various tree species in the world. I'll start a new series this year on Amazing Woods, and share their stories as we Go Wood.

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