Twelve Trees You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Here's a fun way to start out the new year on Go Wood. The title is self-explanatory, the video is snappy, and the trees are real.

Now I have to go dig through our Penn State wood collection to see how many of these we have. It is really amazing the stories behind all of the various tree species in the world. I'll start a new series this year on Amazing Woods, and share their stories as we Go Wood.

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David Paal said…
Unbelievable. The earth is full of these trees that likely few have ever seen before. Kudos Chuck for bringing them to our attention. Would like to find these in a tabletop book one day. (Where is Morris Lake when you need him? Maybe he could stand another project. LOL.)
Anonymous said…
Obviously NOT a Sailor who did this. . . .this is a "Granny Knot" not a "Square Knot" 10 points for effort, tho. . . . .

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