Keeping Abreast of Improvements in Housing Technology

For those of you in the home construction industry around the Mid-Atlantic Area, the Pennsylvania Housing Research Center of Penn State's College of Engineering is offering the 25th in an annual series of conferences aimed at improving the quality and affordability of housing.

The 25th Annual PHRC Conference...
"provides information and updates on issues of interest to the residential construction industry. The first day of the conference, Wednesday (3/1), focuses on issues related to housing structures and their systems via breakout session in four tracks: Building Science & Technology, Construction & Management, Building Codes, and Multifamily. The second day of the conference, Thursday (3/2), provides opportunities to attend full-day workshops relating to specific areas of residential construction."

This is a nice program that offers local builders to catch up on the latest innovations and regulations while networking with folks that think a lot about the future of housing. And all at a very reasonable cost. Early registration discounts for the March 1-2 conference end in a couple of days, so check it out now.

Details and registration for the conference can be found here. 

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Jeff Wartluft said…
Chuck - if you are involved I can rest assured that the attendees will know all the benefits of using wood in construction - less embedded energy, insulation of temperature and electricity, carbon sink, beauty, ease of alteration, cost, strength to weight ratio, renewable and recyclable. Did I miss some?

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