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Is Building About to Take Off, or Not?

On my way to work this morning, I took a slightly different route across campus and was taken by surprise by the number of construction projects I was forced to detour around. My first thought was that you Penn State alumni out there who Go Wood would be interested in seeing some of the changes. So I snapped a few photos...

Penn State always seems to have some construction going on somewhere on campus, but this summer is the wildest in the fifteen years I've been here. Academic boomtown, including State College just across campus, which has three new high rises under construction and a couple of more blocks under negotiation. What is going on here? Is the economy really that good?

All this construction in a large, traditional university seems to fly in the face of technological trends, which all seem aligned against classical brick-and-mortar education in the near future. But we seem to be banking that future generations of 17-year-olds (and their parents) will still be placing a …