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Swimming through Wood

I've said this so many times in this blog, it truly has become repetitious. But, again, there certainly seems to be no limit to the imagination of what can be done with wood via videography.

From a post in Slate:
"For his dazzling “Woodswimmer” video above, filmmaker Brett Foxwell, who goes by bfophoto, used a process he describes as “brutally tedious.” The results, though: Wow. What you’re seeing are cross-sectional scans of hardwood, burls, and branches sequenced in stop motion. It’s like his camera is moving through the wood.Foxwell used a milling machine to cut slices from 1/40 inch to 1/2,000 of an inch thick. He cleaned, polished, and applied wood oil to each cross-section before capturing its image with a stop-motion camera. And then on to the next cut.Time-intensive as that process sounds, another issue—as he notes on his website—is that it’s “difficult to keep from watching stuff like this loop endlessly on playback as you are in the middle of shooting it.”http://www.…

G.I. Loggers in Burma (1945)

As I was digging through old documents related to the Penn State wood collection, I came across this article, a release of February 16, 1945 by the National Lumber Manufacturers Association. Too bad it wasn't made into a movie script. You loggers and mill hands who think you've got it tough today will feel better after reading about these guys.

I've reproduced it here as closely as possible to the way it looks on the original paper.

C.B.I. Roundup, service newspaper of the troops on the China-Burma-India front devoted a front page feature in its December 28th issue to the herculean feats of the Army forestry units to keep the Burma drive supplied with lumber from native timber. The story is graphically told by field correspondent, Sgt. John R. McDowell. A copy of the issue was sent home by Lt. Col. Ben Benioff, formerly an engineer with Summerbell Roof Structures, Los Angeles, now on Ledo Road, and was forwarded to the National Lumber Manufacturers Assoc…