Autumn Events for Those Who Desire to Go Wood

The only thing good about the end to a beautiful Pennsylvania summer is the beginning of an even more beautiful Pennsylvania fall. Cool air blows away the summery haze producing a brilliant blue sky, the leaves begin changing colors, and the notes of high school bands practicing their routine down the block wafts in the breeze.

And our wood calls us back into the shop (or laboratory, as it may be.)

It's also a great time to get out on the road and learn a few things.

For instance, on September 29th and 30th, Hearne Hardwoods of Oxford, PA is holding its annual Open House, and it's a great place to meet like-minded folks, swap outrageous stories, and find that perfect piece of wood for your fall project.

For those of you that will be a little farther to the north that weekend, there's a great little woodfair that is happening in Woodstock, Ontario, for the 32nd straight year.

In October, the Wood Pro Expo returns to Lancaster, PA on the 19th and 20th. No better place to spend a day or two than the heart of traditional American craftsmanship.

And later in October is the sweetest little jewel of woody education. Once again, Randy Wilkinson is holding his Wood ID workshop on the premises of Fallon Wilkinson, LLC, and at the Yale University Furniture study.

Did you ever look at a piece of wood and wonder what wood it is? And why it looks the way it does? Were you ever confused about which wood it is: mahogany, walnut, cherry, or poplar?
This two-day hands-on workshop will answer all these questions and more. It is designed specifically for curators, collectors, antique dealers, appraisers, and woodworkers. The goal of this workshop is to familiarize the student with the physical properties of wood and recognize species specific structures. 
On Saturday, basic wood anatomy will be introduced, including grain, figure, fundamental differences between softwoods and hardwoods, and more. The student will learn to identify common hardwoods that are used in antique furniture using a 10x loupe.
On Sunday, the class will be held at the Yale University Furniture Study. Students will get a rare opportunity not only to see one of the finest collections of American furniture, but also to identify woods used in a selection of great objects in a one-day intensive and hands-on inspection.
I've always thought this class was the single best wood educational event I've ever attended, because of Randy's extension knowledge and effectiveness at teaching, the personal attention each attendee receives, and the facilities used during the course. Learning about wood in the Yale Furniture Study is probably the strongest and most lasting wood learning experience you can buy.

The best money I've ever spent on a class. If you haven't yet attended, but it feels like you should, set aside the weekend of October 28th and 29th, and register for Randy's class. Hurry, the class is small and the seats are usually filled quickly. Or here is an even better idea...reward that great employee of yours with a business-related educational trip that he or she will never forget. What a great way to show your appreciation to that employee who makes a real difference in your business.

Finally, to end the fall in style, you pros can attend the Woodworking Machinery & Supply Conference and Expo, being held this year on November 2,3,and 4 at the International Centre in Toronto. If it isn't at this Expo, they don't make it.  Unfortunately, the Maple Leafs are playing out of town that weekend, but watching them play the Blues in a Toronto pub will probably be just as good.

Hey, have fun this fall getting out and Going Wood!

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Chuck Ray said…
Another great education opportunity is the Mid-Atlantic Woodturning Symposium in Lancaster on October 28-29. Here is the link …
Barbara Raymond-LaPrease

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