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Time to Change the Narrative

It's been a nice year for my friends and clients in the wood products industry. After a slow start, all the companies I visited this year and work with realized a great year, with many of them recording record or near-record revenues. In order to stay apolitical, I won't say anything other than a pro-business, pro-consumer agenda by our country's administration always seems to perk up the economy, and especially the fortunes of those making wood. Go figure.

So I was going to Go Wood peacefully into the night, and let 2017 pass without further commentary. But a couple of items in my news feed tell me...ok, just one more post.

First was this nice piece from the New England Forestry Foundation entitled "NEFF Takes on Climate Change." It's another of those uplifting PC pieces that tell the world how Organization X, Y, or Z, is doing it's part to fight the end of the world that's being brought on by excess carbon dioxide emissions from cars, power plants,…