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A New Year from Two Different Perspectives

Welcome to 2018. A year of hope for many, a year of doom and gloom for others.

You might not be surprised that I received a very large response to my last blog post, Time to Change the Narrative. What you may be surprised at is how clearly those responses demonstrated the clear divide that exists not only in our country, but across the world.

And the division was evident not only on the issue of climate change, but on economic trends as well.

Without exception, those in the business or private sectors who responded agreed with the premises of the post that business is strong, getting stronger, and that the new administration is a breath of fresh air to the economy. And that the issue of climate change is drawing an undeserved amount of attention from academics and policy makers.

Also without exception, those in the academic and government sector who responded disagreed with the premises of the post, or attributed the resurgence in the economy to the policies of the last administratio…