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Going Wood with Hannah Barron

What were you doing for fun last weekend? Well, Hannah Barron and her dad were throwing up a workout building. She recorded a video of it...and there's not a minute of the seventeen-minute video you'll want to miss.

Hannah is famous on social media as a "noodler"...for those of you not from The South, that's catching big catfish with your bare hands. Here's one of her best catches...

But here at Go Wood, we're even more impressed with her skill with the tools. If you've ever tackled a construction project, you'll love this one.

Lots of fascinating aspects of this video, not the least of which is Hannah's diet. Wish I could still eat like that and maintain my girlish figure.

I especially like her explanation of why they're using horizontal studs to make their board and batten siding installation go easier. This girl knows what she's talkin bout. (Now she's got me slipping back into my southern dialect.) And the best part of the vid…

Don't Worry, Be Happy...and Invest

Been out on the road again the past couple of weeks. People's attitudes are the best I've seen in years, and most companies are still seeing strong markets for their goods. Some are saying that the third quarter has been a little soft, but at least part of that is attributable to the biblical amount of rainfall we've experienced here in the Eastern U.S. this summer. In Harrisburg this weekend, I gazed in amazement at the Susquehanna River full to its brim, with some riverside parks under water. Normally, the Susquehanna at this time of year looks like a rocky collection of small streams and pools. This weekend, it looked like the Mississippi.

Managers and company owners are asking me about the economy, especially with regard to the question: Should they invest in new equipment? They're worried that the current strong economy may be temporary, and investments in increased productivity may be met with the kind of market malaise we experienced from 2007 to this past year…