Going Wood with Hannah Barron

What were you doing for fun last weekend? Well, Hannah Barron and her dad were throwing up a workout building. She recorded a video of it...and there's not a minute of the seventeen-minute video you'll want to miss.

Hannah when she's not working...Source: https://www.wideopenspaces.com/catfish-noodling-tips-from-hannah-barron/
Hannah is famous on social media as a "noodler"...for those of you not from The South, that's catching big catfish with your bare hands. Here's one of her best catches...

But here at Go Wood, we're even more impressed with her skill with the tools. If you've ever tackled a construction project, you'll love this one.

Lots of fascinating aspects of this video, not the least of which is Hannah's diet. Wish I could still eat like that and maintain my girlish figure.

I especially like her explanation of why they're using horizontal studs to make their board and batten siding installation go easier. This girl knows what she's talkin bout. (Now she's got me slipping back into my southern dialect.) And the best part of the video, I think, is when she's bragging a little on her daddy...
"Ever bit of this sidin we're usin, dad cut on the sawmill...its all rough cut pine, differnt wits, its just what we had...some beautiful stuff, dough."
Beautiful, indeed.

For those of you shallow guys who are impressed more by her physical aspects than her work skills, check out the thigh muscles at 8:40 of the video.  She's poppin'. No doubt she'll be killing that weight room once it's finished.

My hat is off to Mr. Barron. Wouldn't we all love to raise our kids to work along like this with a smile. Good job, Dad.

Hot off the presses: Hannah just posted the next video.  Here it is, and it's even better...

A star is born. I've subscribed to Hannah's YouTube channel, and you can too at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCglTOXlHB-lhPA9_jofiZwQ.

Now quit sitting and watching Hannah work...get up and Go Wood, yourself.

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