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Global Warming Needed in Pennsylvania

It's that tine of year when the folks above the 40th northern parallel dream of warm vacations and wish for a little global warming to occur. It's cold up here.

And though it seems unnecessary to argue climate change with anyone (it exists, and always has), I find it difficult to not share really well-reasoned voices on the subject when I come across them. Here are a couple of thoughtful gentlemen discussing the issue in front of academic crowds. The first approaches it from a political standpoint, and the second from a more scientific standpoint. Both seem to agree on one point...we have bigger things to worry about.

The first fellow ends with a valid point about the choice of coal and wood energy. Although he doesn't mention the nice niche for wood heating, his larger point remains valid.

Stay warm out there...and to Go Wood readers in Australia, don't worry, things will cool off shortly. We've got some frigid air we're sending your way.

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