I'm Chuck Ray, and I share your passion for wood and the forests of the world from which it comes.

I created Go Wood back in late 2010 as an extension of my work as a wood scientist at Penn State University. Since then, it has grown into something quite a bit broader, and hopefully, more entertaining and informative.

It is my sincere belief that wood is not as highly valued in our society as it once was, and that is in part due to the fact that folks no longer have a regular connection to wood or the world from which it comes. So, by exposing people to various facets, uses, and interesting facts about wood and the forests, I hope that Go Wood in some way helps wood regain the popularity it once had in society.

You can help in this effort by sharing your favorite posts with your friends, co-workers, and customers. One person can't really make a dent in the culture working by himself, but a bunch of folks working together might just bring wood back to the forefront of our culture and common sense back to our utilization of natural resources.

Every reader of Go Wood is welcome to comment, and all real comments are published, even if they express different opinions than those of the posts (as long as they're stated respectfully). However, I screen out the spam comments which are written for the sole purpose of advertising a product or website.

And, if you want to help in the effort to share the joy of wood, please consider using the "Tip Jar" feature on the site. By contributing a dollar or two each time you enjoy a particular post, you help disseminate the blog to more folks, and provide me with feedback on what people are most interested in. Together, we can get many, many more people to understand the joy and the logic of Going Wood.


Jeff Wartluft said…
Keep up the good PR for wood, a valuable and renewable natural resource.
Bonz 32 said…
Hi! I thought my short film about wood could be interesting on you blog https://vimeo.com/182901027

Let me know! Ciao
Chuck Ray said…
Thanks for sharing, Bonz. Great video, it's posted.
Unknown said…
I have digitized two classic sawmill instructional videos; From the Sawyers Perspective: Sawing Hardwood Logs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzMITZG7pLk&t=884s) & Trouble-Shooting a Small Circular Sawmill (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HGcrFSzlO8&t=919s)

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